Boas Vides 2018

Boas Vides 2018

Red wine: Boas Vides 2018 Sold out
Bottling: June 2020 Fruit day
On sale: December 2019
Number of bottles: 1060  / 750 cc
Grapes: Carabuñeira 30% / Garnacha 20% / Brancellao 20 % / Sousón 10%/ Espadeiro 10% / Zamarrica 10%
Alcohol cont: 13,5% vol.
Total Acidity: 6
Ph: 3,5
SO2 L/T: 20

Harvest and wine-making process:
The harvest was carried out  manually between 28 – 30 September, as is customary, by family and friends.
Fermentation began spontaneously in three special tanks of 1000 litres each.  The grapes were de-stemmed.  Duration of fermentation: 10-12 days, with punching down three times a day, resulting in musts  extremely rich in fruit and tannins and with very good acidity.  A traditional vertical steel press was used for pressing. 

10 months in barrels of 300 and 600 liters of French oak, second-hand / 9 months in steel tanks / 6 months in bottle (minimum).

Work in the vineyard:

The vine yard was worked by hand using traditional methods.  Pruning uses the simple Guyot method.  Treatments were carried out with natural products, following the permaculture approach and  the philosophical principles of Steiner.  No pesticides, no herbicides, no synthetic products are used in the vineyards. 
Nine treatments were carried out made up of garlic extract,willow, cinnamon, Bordeaux mixture and sulphur powder.

Weather conditions:
Spring was very wet especially heavy storms on 29 and 30 of June, it cause mildew and black rot problems and it spoilt 60 % of crop. The summer of 2018 was long (from June to October) dry and hot (two degrees above average), between 33 – 38 degrees during the day and 15-18 degrees at night