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I’m Antonio Míguez Amil.

I was born in a small microcosm of people and landscapes, behind that wall where the vineyard came to the world in 1968. It changed everything, but I was trapped by the vision of my childhood between rivers, streams and hills lined with vineyards. The advice I used to hear again was: “study and look for a job, the land is very slave.”

After already for some years machining the future between roundtrips around the world, the concern arose to recover the activity that my relatives had been engaged in since at least the eighteenth century, to make wine in one of the most historic regions of Europe, in the Ribeiro.

Since 1993, I have been recovering old vines and places of ancestral production on hillsides and hills on the banks of the Avia, where I replanted the castes of the country, which gave so much fame to the wines of this region.

I do not conceive a wine without good grapes, nor do I conceive good grapes without a healthy and living natural environment.

I like to follow the teachings of Steiner and Risco, of the verbs of Castelao, Manuel María, Otero Pedrayo, Fina Casalderrey or Marina Mayoral among others, because of the esteem they have for the land and the beings that inhabit it, whether they are real or maximal, and because they have the wisdom of the peasants staring at the moon and following the sayings.

With me is my family, wife, children, mother, siblings, uncles and cousins ​​and of course a lot of friends.

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