Varietal Universe

They are misfit wines, they are not afraid of the time, nor of the formalisms, they go to theirs, every different year.

The whole process of care of the vineyard and the elaboration of the wine kisses in the maximum respect, minimum intervention and spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. The wines maintain a natural balance throughout their evolution. They spend an 8 to 12 months stay in second-hand French oak pipes of 300 to 600 liters, then spend time in steel tanks to complete the maturation and natural decantation, in order to maintain a clear and rich typicality of its own nuances. of the native castes. After a while, it is bottled and rested in the cellar for a few months before being released.

Sulfur levels are below the level recommended by Demeter.


BOAS VIDES 2017 – Red / BOAS VIDES 2018 – Red / Para do Pé 2013 – Toast